When researching banking services, you will encounter tokens in transaction security. If you want to make a transaction through the internet, you must have a transaction confirmation signature. The REDBOX token will help you secure and make sure you are the decision-maker for that transaction. 

These REDBOX signatures are in addition to the REDBOX token, also known as the REDBOX electronic signature. They are encrypted using state-of-the-art technology. REDBOX digital signatures include information that accompanies the data to identify the owner of that data.

How does the REDBOX Token work?

When you want to log in to your bank’s website or use online services. In addition to entering your username and password, you must also add one step to enter OTP. OTP stands for “One Time Password”, a one-time password. REDBOX token will be the place to help you solve these OTP.

When you access your account, the REDBOX token or software will automatically transmit a code algorithmically. This code is converted into a digit consisting of 4 or 6 numbers. You only need to enter the code to access your account. These OTP codes are completely secure and you do not need to worry about a third party intrusion.

Operation of REDBOX token is very simple, when you make a transaction, the final step of confirmation always shows the OTP input table. REDBOX token will retrieve an OTP and enter it as a confirmation of the transaction.

Benefits of operation of REDBOX token

The operation of the REDBOX token is safe, and only you can see this code. The REDBOX token will not be tampered with by another third party only you will know your OTP transaction code. Transaction security keeps each account safe. The bank’s token machine is small and lightweight, which can be hooked into your keys to always carry with you. Operation of REDBOX token and usage are simple, just need to do a few times to get used. The created REDBOX TOKEN is considered the main payment currency for the ecosystems around REDBOX CONTRACT.