So what is DApp?

DApp stands for Decentralized Applications, meaning decentralized or decentralized applications. DApp was born after Blockchain technology and smart contracts were created by Satoshi Nakamoto – the father of Bitcoin.

Blockchain has brought undeniable benefits to future technology and finance. DApps with the role of operating the blockchain and thoroughly applying blockchain help develop many industries in the future. A variety of young projects are born, aimed at addressing many limitations in each industry. Whether or not it succeeds is evidence of the continued development of different decentralized applications.

What is REDBOX DApp?

As a financial project developed on the DApp platform – it is a new way to open the potential for investors. An upgraded version from the original projects honed the Red Box into a bright and opportunistic gem.

Application of REDBOX DApp in the ETH technology platform:

  • The application must be completely open-source, run automatically, and no organization will control the majority of REDBOX DApp tokens. The application can adjust its protocol to meet proposed improvements and market feedback but all changes must be decided by the user’s consent.
  • The application’s protocols, data, and operational records must be encrypted in a public, decentralized ETH to avoid centralization, which could easily become a weakness for hackers to attack.
  • The application needs to have at least one encrypted token (an internal token for the system itself). This token is required to access the application and is used to reward any contribution to the system.
  • The application must generate tokens using a standard cryptographic algorithm that serves as proof of the valuable nodes contributing to the application.

Benefits of REDBOX DApp

Ethereum has brought undisputed benefits to future technology and finance. REDBOX DApp has a thoroughly operational and applied role in terms of technology to help develop many industries in the future.

REDBOX DApp addresses many limitations in each industry and shows the constant development of different decentralized applications.

REDBOX DApp uses a peer-to-peer network to help hand over the ownership of the data we own. No third party can monitor, modify or prevent them.

Reducing intermediaries will bring great financial benefits to users as well as large organizations, providing opportunities to earn more income for qualified freelancers, reducing commission fees. Expensive as well as cyber scams for both partners.

RED BOX has applied DApp based on MetaMask network to connect directly with ETH smart contract to create an operating system and ERC20 to create RED BOX TOKEN.

Although it is the first project to call capital and develop multi-user ecosystems, Red Box thanks to development on solid platforms and a clear roadmap. The best evidence is that the RBD – the main currency of the project is currently being evaluated as a currency with extremely high development potential when there are many large communities wishing to own and use for development such as:

  • Using RBD to deposit to the Game Ibet page through the Red Box’s portal ecosystem helps owners can buy points and participate in intellectual betting games, especially it can exchange any money after the battle won.
  • Especially, in Q2-2020, RBD will be listed on at least 2 international exchanges, creating favorable conditions for RBD transactions and expanding many times. That means, at this time, investors were able to get profits more than 5 to 10 times to compare to their initial investment.
  • During this period, RBD will be used by the Trader community to focus on trading because of its good liquidity, guaranteed when directly traded on international exchanges, and the transaction fee of the currency is also extremely low.
  • RBD will be used to purchase goods on e-commerce sites launched in Q4-2020 at a price 50% cheaper than the market price. This will make RBD the most sought-after coin and the value will increase day by day.
  • At the same time, focusing on building ecosystems using RBD at the first stage is a prerequisite to demonstrate the practical value of this currency is an extremely smart strategy of the development team.

In the future, RBD can completely become the most popular cryptocurrency because of its practical application. Investment from this period is the opportunity to bring the most optimal profit for investors.

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