What is IPH?

As we know that IPH is a project to protect our world against Covid-19. IPH Token is a profitable cryptocurrency in which the members of the Iron Pig Hero ecosystem can earn interest thanks to the “Farming” function and at the same time can benefit the earth. land. We all know that IPH Token is created based on BEP-20 technology and distributed on top of it, allowing users to hold billions of millions of tokens and bring long-term added value to users. The Iron Pig Hero team absolutely believes in adding long-term value to the owner as well as having a positive impact on today’s pandemic.

With the mission to develop maximum profit for users through IPH‘s own features and to raise funds for covid-19, with the above purposes, Iron Pig Hero was born. The new strain of strain has spread to many countries all over the world, causing a lot of difficulties, loss of life and property in general and economic loss in general. Therefore, Iron Pig Hero will bring with the goal of fundraising and 100% of charity funds will be transferred directly to countries affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Symbol of Iron Pig Hero coin

Unique features of IPH

Transparency: 100% will be developed by the community, 100% by the community

Once loaded into IPH, it cannot be withdrawn: 100% of the burned Tokens will be permanently locked and serve the purpose of supporting and helping countries facing difficulties with the pandemic.

Passive “Farming”: With 1% of each transaction will be distributed directly to all owners and Iron Pig Hero teams will strictly manage to bring certainty to owners.

Automated Liquidation: A 1% fee is sent for liquidity on an ever-increasing floor price.

Why should we own an IPH coin?

At the present time, on the electronic market appear a lot of cryptocurrencies such as DogeCoin, Goat Coin, FEG Token…. These cash flows have many purposes, potentials and ways of use. different in order to bring many benefits to the owners. Like Dogecoin, being used popularly in many countries around the world. A virtual currency with a large market capitalization and value, among the Top 20 fastest growing virtual currencies today. Dogecoin is emerging as the smart investment solution of many digital currency enthusiasts. Dogecoin works on public password encryption. Only a private password can decrypt the encrypted data associated with the public password, thus ensuring security even when the public password is widely shared.


For the IPH coin, too, the potential of this electronic coin is huge. It brings great profit to the owner. The members of the Iron Pig Hero ecosystem can earn interest thanks to the “Farming” mechanism and at the same time can benefit the earth with the great goal of becoming the first cryptocurrency. can raise funds for charity and contribute to the fight against the covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, To protect the interests of the affected community and contribute to protecting the world, the Iron Pig Hero (IPH) cryptocurrency was born. This will help many countries as cryptocurrencies become more widely available.

 With 100% of the money that the charity has (the money in the fund is the investors who trade IPH), this fee will be transferred to the international charity fund to transfer to countries facing difficulties in the pandemic. this disease. Therefore, IPH is a hot token in recent times, making google keywords a lot and causing search congestion on Google.

About Iron Pig Hero crypto:

Name: Iron Pig Hero

Token Code: IPH

Technology: BEP-20

Total Supply: 1,500,000,000,000,000,000 Tokens

Initial Burn: 40% of Token reserves lượng

Fair Issuance: 60% of Token reserves

Transaction fee allocation 4%:

  • 1. 1% liquidity lock
  • 2. 1% goes to non-profit charities
  • 1% distributed to all owners
  • 4. The remaining 1% will burn

You know that investment always has potential risks, but as a smart investor, you will know which projects are worth investing in and bring the most profit for you with your own capital management. The IPH project is not only an investment project, but it is also a project to support the Covid-19 pandemic around the world. Above is the information about the Iron Pig Hero coin project and why this coin is so hot. Hopefully, the project will create “TREND” in the near future.