Features of the IPH

IPH is evaluated with the reliability and high credibility for absolute transparency authentic 100% based on the orientation of the owner of IPH. 100% community-determined, 100% community-driven. With all charitable funds from the owners there are specific proofs and will be clearly recorded to prove the credibility of the cryptocurrency.

In addition, Iron Pig Hero owners also have an additional passive income when farming, 2% of each transaction will be distributed to all owners. Note to investors that 1% of the transaction fee will be donated to charity as the program announced previously.

The birth of the IPH coin is considered a birth with a meaningful mission, developers will burn 40% of the total amount of coins provided to the market to increase the value of IPH coin, helping investors earn the maximum profit but still can support the society against the Covid pandemic.

As for automatic liquidity, IPH can completely guarantee a high level of liquidity, because liquidity of IPH will increase rapidly based on the development roadmap with a 2% fee will be deposited into liquidity.

The potentials and purposes target of IPH

Iron Pig Hero team members always aim to add long-term value and gain reliability for IPH owners. IPH coin is a cryptocurrency that can generate a lot of profit for investors.

The purpose of the approach is to raise money for charity for countries struggling with new strains of the Covid-19 pandemic. All 100% of charities plus benefactors who have donated to charity will also go to help these countries.

Iron Pig Hero and the amazing stories behind it

Through IPH, users also have many opportunities to maximize profits with many ways to promote passive profit development. The members of the Iron Pig Hero ecosystem can earn interest thanks to the “Farming” function with 2% which will be transferred to liquidity for and at the same time can benefit the earth with the goal of becoming a coin. The first cryptocurrency that can help reverse the Covid-19 pandemic.

Therefore, the price of IPH on exchanges will increase as a support for fighting the pandemic. At this time, IPH is not only a coin, but it also represents people’s faith in fighting the pandemic.

The development process of cryptocurrency

Stage 1: To gain the trust of the community, the founder of IPH sets out and publishes the distribution plan of IPH. First IPH will create smart contracts and token designs comics. After that, it will be announced to users around the world in conjunction with the announcement of the time when the IPH electronic coin will be sold with the most specific time. Along with that, aiming to expand awareness and contact with non-governmental organizations for cooperation and development.

Phase 2: Continuing with the previous process, IPH promotes worldwide promotion processes to create a permanent foundation and officially starts distributing IPH. At this time, IPH will register to list prices on channels such as CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, Blockfolio and other providers. Along with great interaction from the community and cooperation with influential people in the world to improve the campaign to save the world.

Iron Pig Hero – mission to protect the earth

Phase 3: One of IPH‘s next roadmaps is to launch more new ecosystems to optimize the interface allowing IPH tokens to become commonly used currencies in the world. Combined with the charity fundraising for the Covid-19 pandemic and the social media campaign, it will make the influence of the cryptocurrency even bigger.

IPH will help users feel satisfied about the benefits that they bring while being part of a community that promotes and supports countries affected by covid-19 and profits with many forms. different consciousness.