Currently, in the cryptocurrency community, the number of MetaMask users is quite small compared to what it brings. Although it is recommended by Myetherwallet right it’s homepage. So what is it? How does this wallet help investors?

Features of

Metamask is a great third-party application for Myetherwallet to help secure your account, avoiding the case of a computer with a keylogger saving Private Key when logging into the wallet.

All transfers of Ethereum and ERC20 Token related to Myetherwallet must be verified by yourself via Metamask to be executed. From there help to maximize protection for your account. It allows you to access distributed websites in your own browser. In addition, Metamask wallet allows you to run other applications such as Ethereum DApps right in the browser without you having to start the entire Ethereum node, resulting in a heavy and slow browser.

It includes an extremely secure encryption identifier, providing users with an interface to manage your personal information on various websites and accept blockchain transactions across the system.

If you have ever used Myetherwallet, you might know MetaMask also has such a mechanism, through private keys you can connect to the Ethereum blockchain and store ethereum, tokens belonging to Ethereum most securely.

You can install the MetaMask add-on in Chrome, Firefox, Opera and the new Brave browser.

MetaMask wallet brings many benefits to RedBox investors

• Intuitive user interface

The user interface of the wallet user is quite nice, intuitive, and easy to use. As a result, users of Red Box can store tokens more easily and update the newest information after each transaction.

• Multi-language support

International investors of Red Box support in 18 international languages, so everyone can access and use it conveniently.

• HD wallets

MetaMask is an HD wallet. HD wallet allows investors of Red Box to simplify backing up public / private key pairs. Instead of backing up every time you create a new address pair, you only need to use a unique seed key generated during the setup process.

• Easy to add RBD tokens

You can also add new RBD tokens in your wallet, then manage and trade them easily.

• Integrating online transactions

You can buy RBD tokens with a MetaMask wallet because they have integrated with Coinbase wallets (only for users in the United States using fiat money) and ShapeShift (Using cryptocurrencies).

• Network options

Red Box developers via the Ethereum network can also access various trials through the wallet.

• Currency support

The web wallet supports the transaction of RBD tokens.