A newly announced Port of Rotterdam blockchain project aims to eliminate fraud from the container management operations. Dubbed as ‘Secure Container Release’, the blockchain application replaces the PIN-based verification solution currently employed by the port authorities.


The new Port of Rotterdam blockchain application significantly lowers the chances of fraud. The pilot project brings together some of the biggest names in the shipping industry, including MSC, Ocean Network Express, Hutchison Ports, and more. Interestingly, the shipping industry has seen many blockchain-based solutions implemented in its operations in recent times.

Blockchain brings transparency to shipping container movements

Emile Hoogsteden of the Port of Rotterdam says that the pilot project will span three months, and the performance of the application will be measured according to different parameters. Various parties would observe the improved efficiency and container management on their end.

The Port of Rotterdam is a prominent European port handling approximately 14.5 million cargo units annually. Thus, container management is vital to the smooth movement of goods. Eliminating frauds and errors helps minimize costs and prevent untoward incidents.

The Port of Rotterdam blockchain project will make it impossible to duplicate entries and restrict the fraudulent movement of goods across international borders. Every actor in the shipping supply chain becomes accountable in the pilot project.