In early 2021, the world economy is gradually recovering from Covid19. However, after the process of falling into the crisis, the direction of the economy has more or less changed. This brings many opportunities along with many challenges for both businesses and investors.

In a bustling market like the cryptocurrency market, it requires developers to make breakthroughs to have the opportunity to rise and dominate the market. And this is also the time when Techblock chose to return to the million-dollar game after nearly 3 years of silence. Let’s wait and see what Techblock will do in this comeback.

What is TechBlock?

Techblock is a global technology company operating in the field of Blockchain technology. Since its establishment, the company has focused on researching and applying Blockchain technology to practical products and services in the market and is highly appreciated for its transparency, safety and extremely high security capabilities. .

It was known worldwide as one of the most prominent technology platform providers. However, then they decided to step back to research more technology and boom in the second quarter of this year.

Top technologies applied by TechBlock

Techblock owns a technology fund with the aim of creating a reputable and professional investment platform. In this comeback, TechBlock still maintains and develops the Defi technology platform and with it many new mechanisms that bring potential in the future.

The first is the application of Smart Contract BEP-20 to build and launch TechBlock’s own Token called Tech Token. BEP20 is a standard of tokens that work on Binance Smart Chain BSC and is many times more optimized than old Smart Contracts like BEP2 launched not long ago by Binance Smart Chain (BSC). And even, according to many review technology forums, the token created from BEP-20 has many advantages over Ethereum’s ERC-20.

The launch of Tech Token entails the application of accompanying technologies to increase the value of tokens in a competitive market. Without Stake, TechBlock surprised investors when choosing the extremely hot and potential Yield Farming mechanism on 4.0 technology forums.

Finally, there is a plan to use NFT in the game ecosystem in the development roadmap of Techblock and later this year. NFT will be a great choice for Blockchain game development projects as well as increasing the value of tangible assets based on technology. At the same time, the use of NFT can solve or reduce the common inflation problem faced by many Blockchain games.

How does Techblock bring income to investors?

With this comeback, Techblock promises to bring a big hit to the crypto market by bringing large, fast and long-term profits to participants. And to achieve this, in this period the company is not only rushing to perfect technology and financial policy, but also focus on developing potential markets. Partners in Asia – Pacific, Europe, … will be the object that Techblock is looking for to develop and bring to the community profit through the following investment categories.

Investing in Tech Token

Techblock only issued 1.2 million Tech Tokens, of which only 10% was released to investors via ITO. Limited supply, large market demand will quickly push up the price of Tech Token to balance supply and demand. Therefore, the sooner you own Tech Token, the more the investor’s assets will increase.

ITO launching Schedule

According to the plan from the issuer, Tech Token will increase 2.5 times from $ 0.036 – $ 0.104 after only 5 rounds of ITO. This means that investors’ assets have increased by 250% in less than a quarter.

After owning Tech Token, investors can choose to keep or sell Token depending on the investment strategy to make a profit. However, understanding the profit needs of the community during a difficult economic period, Tech Block encourages investors to use the Farming mechanism to make profits. When participating in the Farming Tech Token mechanism, investors have the opportunity to receive interest rates up to 18%/month, equivalent to 0.6%/day with a low investment from only $400.

System development

TechBlock’s expansion of the partner system in Asia-Pacific or European economic regions is not only for the purpose of marketing or dominating the market. Their main goal is through that, investors can also become direct partners with Tech Block to expand their profit opportunities as well as spread to the Crypto investment community.

Investors can increase their profits and reputation by becoming an official issuing agent of Tech Token. The commission level is up to more than 10% when building a successful system. Because of such attractive profit potential, Techblock’s number of issuing agents has increased significantly.

Profits from the ecosystem

Techblock’s last but not least attractive source of profit for investors is the profitability of the project’s closely linked entertainment ecosystem chain, including:

  • Game Dapp provides a connection platform with international Live Casino portals, Sports Betting and Slots games.
  • Techbox platform’s own exchange named TechEX and Robot AI technology for inter-exchange trading.
  • GameBox allows you to create 3D games at no cost with multi-dimensional image construction technology combined with the BoxEdit Engine to create animated objects and create ASSETS.
  • Marketbox: A place where you can buy, sell and exchange game-related products or ASSETS created from Boxedit.
The Ecosystem of Techblock

With the potential of technology as well as the profits that can be brought to investors, TechBlock is indeed one of the must-have projects in the portfolio of talented investors. Moreover, investors can completely become direct partners, bring the project closer to the community and build a roadmap to develop passive income for themselves in the future. 

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