Should you buy bitcoin or bitcoin cash? Does tezos have further room to grow? Is monero a long-term hold? There are no absolute answers to these questions and no crystal ball to determine which crypto will pull a 5x before the year’s out. Based on fundamentals alone, however, here are some reasons why you might wish to buy or sell the top 20 cryptos by market cap.

Binance Coin

Bull: Binance is the hardest working exchange in the industry, shipping new products at a dizzying rate. One of the best performing assets of the last 12 months, BNB’s fortunes are closely correlated with those of the world’s largest crypto exchange, which is showing no signs of slowing down.

Bear: Should Binance run into regulatory problems or suffer a devastating hack, expect BNB to plummet.


Bull: One of this year’s best performing cryptos, XTZ could be viewed as undervalued when compared to similar assets such as ETH. Major crypto traders are long tezos, and have the social following to heighten the retail investor FOMO.

Bear: Tezos has yet to deliver significant utility, and there’s a distinct lack of notable projects that have launched on the smart contract blockchain. If Tezos doesn’t start adding real world value soon, XTZ’s goodwill could rapidly be exhausted.


Bull: Chainlink’s transformation from a small cap project into the cryptosphere’s de facto oracle solution, with a $500M market cap, has been impressive. Dozens of major partnerships, with the promise of many more to come, could keep LINK ticking over for months.

Bear: Critics assert that the LINK token has limited utility to justify its market cap, and that Chainlink could operate without it. Few entities are currently using LINK for anything other than speculation.


Bull: A sleeping giant that has been slow to roll out its roadmap, Cardano has yet to realize its potential. If projects begin building on Charles Hoskinson’s Ethereum alternative, ADA could belatedly break out.

Bear: Like LINK, ADA isn’t being used for much aside from trading at present. At some stage, the network will have to start seeing usage, or there will be nothing to justify its valuation.


Bull: A privacy coin that actually works, and which sees respectable usage, particularly on the darknet. As the battle against privacy ramps up, monero stands out as a bastion of onchain anonymity.

Bear: A few thousand darknet buyers isn’t enough to send XMR’s price skywards. Furthermore, heightened regulatory pressure could see the privacy coin delisted from major exchanges.


Bull: Fast, cheap transactions and the business nous of Ripple mastermind Jed McCaleb.

Bear: An XRP knock-off with a huge circulating supply and little to differentiate it from its more famous forebear.


Bull: Strong adoption by gambling dapps, tether, and the marketing clout of megamouth Justin Sun.

Bear: A relatively centralized Ethereum clone whose fortunes hinge largely on the actions of one man.

Huobi Token

Bull: The backing of one of the industry’s largest exchanges, with tentacles that reach around the globe, HT should grow with Huobi, particularly if initial exchange offerings undergo a renaissance.

Bear: Siloed within the Huobi ecosystem, HT’s fate is wholly dependent upon that of its issuer.


Bull: Bitfinex’s market share may have diminished, but the exchange remains a dominant force in the cryptosphere. The parent company of Tether is a shrewd operator with the experience and industry support to propel LEO to new highs.

Bear: Yet another exchange token with limited utility.

Ethereum Classic

Bull: If Ethereum 2.0 proves a flop, ETC could pick up the slack and enjoy a commensurate price jump.

Bear: Four years into its lifespan and Ethereum Classic has produced little to shout about. It’s hard to see that changing now.