RED BOX is based on the DAPP technology platform to create a decentralized fund solution to form a strong financial community. Dapp technology is capable of optimizing global infrastructure to solve international problems much more effectively than existing systems in the current context. Here are all the great benefits that Dapp technology brings them.


Dapp-based building systems offer far more transparency than the current ledger and record keeping. These changes allow everyone in the network to review the ledger and, once entered into the RED BOX, transactions cannot be modified or deleted.

Dapp-based technology provides clarity to the entire network, thanks to the transactions that are notified to all computers connected to the network. The majority of connected computers – RED BOX must accept transactions or changes in RED BOX, thus avoiding concealing or disguising transactions.

Removing Intermediate Units

One advantage of Dapp Technology over existing systems is the ability to remove intermediaries by allowing people to transact directly with each other instead of through a third party. This helps millions of people living in countries where they cannot trust intermediaries because of corrupt government, high crime rates, corporate rules, operations, Manual record keeping or legal options are very limited.

RED BOX is especially useful in cases where trust in intermediaries does not exist and direct transactions between people are too difficult or highly risky.


Data once put into RED BOX will not be modified, ie cannot be changed or edited. Every block of data on RED BOX can be traced back to the “original block”, ie the first block.

RED BOX security is not without flaw, but current RED BOX systems have consistently proven superior security. RED BOX solves many security issues in conventional systems. While fraud may not be completely wiped out, RED BOX creates a very clear operating history that allows tracing back to the starting point to easily identify fraud schemes.

Cost savings

Dapp Technology can greatly reduce costs in many industries by eliminating intermediaries involved in the process of documenting and transferring assets. Every intermediary or class in a transaction raises the costs of filing and transferring assets. In many existing systems, when documenting or transferring assets, each organization often uses different databases and ledgers. Some scatters will allow stakeholders and transferring assets across several shared ones, saving the cost of preserving multiple ledgers in organizations.

Maintaining multiple ledgers or databases is very expensive and is often a very manual process because many people are in charge of inventorying the consistency of each ledger. But the number of dispersions is based on a high cost and replaces individual ledgers into a single one, making it possible to pay in real-time and audit all members of the network whenever it appears. a deal.

Increase Transaction Speed

If you transfer money from a bank account, you can see the money has left your account, but it usually takes several days for the money to reach another account. Similarly, when purchasing with a credit card, transactions can be in pending processing for several days on the account’s transaction log. For shippers, they deliver the goods to the buyer but many days later, when the credit service company finishes the transaction, payment is received.

To remedy the situation as examples of the Dapp-based system is being developed to accelerate transactions. However, not only in those situations but every type of transaction or transfer of value can apply Dapp Technology to enhance the speed of transactions.

The Red Box project will bring benefits to investors

Now with the great application from DApp, RED BOX has applied Dapp based on the MetaMask network directly connected to ETH smart contract to create an operating system and ERC20 to create RED BOX TOKEN. With the appearance of RED BOX TOKEN, RED BOX has brought many special preferential policies for investors as well. In addition to the value received from RBD, investors can receive attractive commissions when referring other investors to the project.

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